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The Antarctic Institute of Canada (AIC), founded in 1985 by Dr. Austin Mardon, is a non-profit charity originally dedicated to Antarctic research. Over decades, AIC has broadened its mission to encompass a wide range of academic and multimedia research initiatives beyond its initial focus.


Today, AIC not only conducts cutting-edge research but also provides valuable opportunities for students, offering them practical experience and the chance to contribute to significant publications. Through its expanded efforts, AIC continues to make a profound impact on the scientific community and beyond.


Dr. Austin Mardon

Austin Mardon's journey from an Antarctic explorer to a respected academic and mental health advocate is a testament to resilience and dedication. After earning a geography degree from the University of Lethbridge in 1985, Mardon joined a NASA-sponsored Antarctic expedition at 24, which earned him the U.S. Antarctic Service Medal but also marked the onset of his mental and physical health challenges. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at 30, he didn't let this define his capabilities. Mardon pursued further education, obtaining master’s degrees in science and education, and a PhD in geography, while maintaining an impressive publication record in prestigious journals such as Science and Nature.

His academic achievements are paralleled by his advocacy for mental health awareness, breaking down stigma by sharing his story and supporting policies to improve treatment for mental illness. Mardon's efforts have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Order of Canada, and he continues to contribute to the field of health ethics and psychiatry at the University of Alberta, marking a significant milestone as the first person with schizophrenia to hold such a position. Through his work, Mardon inspires many, proving that challenges can lead to extraordinary achievements and impactful advocacy.

More About Dr. Austin Mardon

Austin Mardon

Discover Dr. Mardon, his publications, papers, and news articles, as well as his efforts to de-stigmatize and raise awareness for mental health issues.

Golden Meteorite Press

Information on books written by Dr. Mardon, including those by his wife, students, and friends.


View documents of Dr. Mardon’s abstracts, papers, news articles, and presentations, as well as those of his students.

Catherine Mardon

Catherine Mardon, an Oklahoma-born social activist, writer, and former lawyer, now calls Alberta home. Her diverse academic background includes degrees in Agriculture, Arts, Theological Studies, and Law. Professionally, Catherine has tackled roles from archdiocesan tribunal work to advocating for the marginalized, including the homeless and those with AIDS or disabilities. Her life took a profound turn in 1991 following a severe attack for her activism, which led her from law to fervent advocacy for the disabled.

Recognized for her resilience and contributions with awards like the Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers, Catherine has also been a pivotal figure in the Catholic Women’s League and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. At the Antarctic Institute of Canada (AIC), her work spans operational support to authoring significant publications, including the bestselling Curveballs and the widely translated Gandy children’s series. Her broad expertise and experiences enrich the AIC and inspire many within its community.


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